The GEO MTB is the original handguard offering from GEO handguards LLC.  It is a revolutionary product for the world of mountain biking - in fact, it is a "HELMET FOR YOUR HANDS" Made here in the USA of aerospace grade materials, the quality, durability and performance are first rate. 

Before looking to the future, we looked into the past.  There have been several handguard options for both MTB and dirtbikes.   Many had good qualities but none were ideal for the speed, weight and riding conditions of mountain bikes.  In an effort to make the ultimate handguard system, our team carefully selected seven criteria.

  • PROTECTS hands and controls  

  • DEFLECTS obstacles                   

  • ABSORBS impacts                       

  • Unbreakable!                                

  • Light weight:  105g per side        

  • No bike modifications                  

  • Affordable price                            

We consulted with plastics, aluminum and manufacturing engineers to develop the GEO MTB.  After 18 months of rigorous testing and design evolution, they are now available to everyone.  We are so confident in this product, that we guarantee that they WILL NOT BREAK!

Hand Guard 100 lbf Applied_edited.jpg