Requirements: Metric hex wrench set, Tools to remove and install grips and controls, Open ended grips

  1. Do NOT apply stickers until the handguards are installed - they will stretch and peel

  2. We recommend installing one side at a time.

  3. Remove grip and controls

  4. Install shaft collar on bar. This should be 190-200mm (7-1/2 to 8 inches) from the bar end.  It can go as wide as 250mm (9-1/2 inches) to accommodate E-Bike controls.

  5. NOTE: If the guards are too tight to install, they can be safely heated in hot tap water. This will temporarily enlarge the holes to aid installation. 

  6. Slide round hole of handguard over handle bar until it contacts shaft collar.

  7. Reinstall controls and grips, but do not tighten yet

  8. Install expansion plug in end of handguard. The square part of the expansion plug fits tightly into the square hole on the handguard. 

  9. Insert expansion plug into bar end and tighten screw. Make sure handguard is aligned horizontally and is tight against bar end. 

  10. Align controls and grip then tighten.  The design of the handguard establishes ergonomic positioning which is preferred for control and safety

  • Apply GEO stickers!


Mountain Bike Handguards

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